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Sages in the Flourish Garden

The woody sages (Salvia spp.) in the Flourish garden have taught me a few lessons, and inspired me to start paying close attention to small differences. I've had the Flourish demo garden in place for a few years now and while constantly tweaking, the sages have done really well. They are very deer resistant, require little water, do well in low fertility soils, attract pollinators/support wildlife, and can take intense sun and heat. A dream plant for much of the foothills.

The video below walks through some of the sages in the garden including Cleveland sage (Salvia clevelandii, cultivar), white sage (Salvia apiana), autumn or Texas sage (Salvia greggii), and black sage (Salvia mellifera). Others I've used successfully include Brandegee's sage (Salvia brandegeei), black sage 'terra seca' cultivar (low groundcover), and purple sage (Salvia leucophylla). A few tips for placement and care are offered. Enjoy!

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