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Looking to 're-wild' your gardens? Not sure about where to start or how to care for your native landscaping? Our Consultation Services will help you create and maintain a haven for flora and fauna.


If you are looking to revitalize your gardens, a design package may suit your needs. Use well-suited plants and they will nurture your space.​ Untame your landscaping and enjoy watching all the birds and pollinators come to visit.


Interested in learning about native plants in your area? Our California native plant botanical skills help with identification and give you the tools you need to enhance their beauty.

Tele: 530-919-1478    

Email: mahala at


This personalized consultation is tailored to your needs, whether you need a bit of advice or are planning to a DIY landscaping project. We'll generate ideas and solutions. Cost: $300



We will help your garden project get off on the right foot, and ultimately you'll save time and money by choosing a smart design and appropriate plants. A standard package starts at $1500. Other packages available.

Plant Acquisition


We have several nurseries we work with and will help curate that unique landscape you imagined. Send us your wish list and we'll take care of the rest. Minimum plant order is $500.

Deposit: $250



We teach you to care for your landscaping, offer hands-on garden refresh sessions, and digging in the dirt or specialized pruning, as needed. Cost: $600 for 3 hours.

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